Essex biodiversity offsetting strategy


Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in SmoleniceSlovakia. Biodiversity offsets are measurable conservation outcomes resulting from actions designed to compensate for significant residual adverse biodiversity impacts arising from project development after appropriate biodiversity and mitigation measures have offsetting taken. Similarly, several Member States are expanding the use of offsetting. The UK started pilot projects inand is considering various policy options to expand the use of offsetting essex England. Essex county was chosen as one of the six national pilots. Developers in strategy areas required to provide compensation for biodiversity loss under planning policy can choose to do so through biodiversity offsetting. Essex has developed an offsetting strategy building on central government guidance and is working with The Environment Bank to implement this strategy. Essex research within offsetting case study area is still being defined but is likely to explore the extent to which biodiversity offsets contribute to restoring and enhancing natural capital and ecosystem services, and the resilience of offsets in the face of climate change. Research will also aim to document the governance arrangements for successful offsetting in England, with a view to extracting useful lessons for elsewhere in the EU. Similar research in case study 11 will allow for comparisons to be drawn between areas with differing biophysical conditions and differing approaches to offsetting. Home About Work offsetting Project governance European policy Library News Partners Case studies Contact. Case 22 - Biodiversity Offsetting in Essex Please read the OpenNESS case study booklet ' Ecosystem services in operation ' for the final outcomes of the cases. More detailed information about the cases and the tools and biodiversity used can be found on Oppla: Coastal wetland — a habitat type biodiversity could be strategy by offsetting. Please read the OpenNESS strategy study booklet essex Ecosystem services in operation ' for the final outcomes of the cases.

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